Developing Canada’s Uranium Assets in Pursuit of a Clean Energy Future

ATHA is a Canadian mineral company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of uranium assets in the pursuit of a clean energy future. With a strategically balanced portfolio including three 100%-owned post discovery uranium projects (the Angilak Project located in Nunavut, and CMB Discoveries in Labrador hosting historical resource estimates of 43.3 million lbs and 14.5 million lbs U3O8 respectively, and the newly discovered basement hosted GMZ high-grade uranium discovery located in the Athabasca Basin). In addition, the Company holds the largest cumulative prospective exploration land package (8.4 million acres) in two of the world’s most prominent basins for uranium discoveries – ATHA is well positioned to drive value. ATHA also holds a 10% carried interest in key Athabasca Basin exploration projects operated by NexGen Energy Ltd. and IsoEnergy Ltd.


The primary source for global energy in the future will be clean, scalable, baseload capable, and secure


As the lowest CO2 energy option, nuclear is the best choice for governments looking to achieve their stated climate objectives.

Mass Scale

Uranium’s unmatched energy density allows nuclear energy production to provide primary energy production with minimal footprint.

Baseload Capacity

Nuclear is the only clean energy source capable of providing reliable baseload electricity to supplement intermittency of renewables

Stable Supply

Uranium accounts for a minor proportion of total generating costs, insulating countries from major price swings or supply disruptions.

Home to the largest and highest-grade uranium deposits in the world

The Athabasca Region has produced over 900 million lbs of U3O8 since 1975, with known resources of 606,600 tonnes and ample room for further exploration. Covering 100,000 km2 across Saskatchewan and Alberta, the region is critical for future demand. Saskatchewan is highly ranked for overall investment attractiveness, according to the Fraser Institute mining survey, making it an attractive location for mining investment.


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